Ag Inspector


After harvesting dates all day we decided to go to the health food store to do some shopping before heading home. When we came out of the store with our groceries there was a man standing next to our flat bed truck.

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USDA Survey


A couple years ago we had to send in the agricultural census report which was quite lengthly and detailed.
Now the USDA has sent us a form requesting more information about our farming operation. So far they have contacted us three times by mail and once by phone regarding this survey.
It states "Data gathered will help USDA develop and administer farm programs that benefit you and your community. This includes helping ensure producers receive program payments that reflect current market conditions."

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The Garden and the Spinning Wheel


One of India's main tools in their non-violent struggle for independence was the spinning wheel. By making their own home-spun cloth, the people of India successfully boycotted their British rulers. Textile mills in Great Britan were forced to to shut down or lay off workers. It soon became obvious it was England who was dependent on India not the other way around. Through this and other forms of non-cooperation they liberated their county from forien rule without a shot being fired

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