Ag Inspector

After harvesting dates all day we decided to go to the health food store to do some shopping before heading home. When we came out of the store with our groceries there was a man standing next to our flat bed truck.

" Those are some beutiful dates you've got there" he said.
" Thanks, I said, trying to be friendly. Would you like to try a few?"
"I already did he said" he said.
I was some what annoyed, but didn't feel like putting any more energy in his direction and began to load our bags in the truck.
He then ask what kind they were and other questions.
I could tell he was phishing for information so I told him I would rather not answer his questions.
He then told us he was an agricultural inspector. Things started getting alittle tense between us when my wife spoke up and told him he had stolen from us when he took dates from the back of our truck without our permision. I chimed on the same note.
The inspector got a rather sheepish look on his face and we got in our truck and left.
We were not doing anything wrong, and we did not allow this man to interagate us.