Border Patrol Check Point

My fourth amendment right, which is suppose to protect me from unreasonable government search and seizure. is being conststantly violated. Our home farm is located about 45 miles north of the Mexico/U.S. border. We also farm a small rented grove 50 miles north of our home farm. Between the home farm and our rented acreage is a secondary border patrol check point. Their job is to catch anything they might have missed at the actual border crossing 60 miles to the south. In the past, they would usually just wave me through, or ask a question or two and let me be on my way. Of late however, it's been getting alot more intense. If you are suspected of smuggling undocumented immigrants, drugs, or being involved in illegal activity of any kind, you are detained, interrogated, and you and your vehicle are searched. Since I do not consent or cooperate with this illegal and unconstitutional invasion of privacy it gets a bit scary sometimes. Last year, during one six month period I was detained 3 times. I do my best to remain calm and respectful when faced with this situation, none the less, I have been locked up, threatened, screamed at, fingerprinted, hand cuffed, searched, and treated in a rude and violent manner. If I had been caught breaking the law in any way, or if the officers had probable cause to believe that I had, I might expect this kind of treatment. But this is not the case. I am obviously an American citizen, traveling within the bounds of my own country. Usually they have dogs at these road blocks and the officers will sometimes lie about the dog alerting to the smell of illegal activity as a pretext for search and interrogation. While in detention, as my car is being gone through, I worry that something could be planted in my car. If they lie about the dog, what else might they lie about? This check point is one of my deepest concerns at this time. Needless to say, I do not drive in that direction any more than I absolutely have to. What, you might ask, does this have to do with agrarian freedom? Most of the undocumented workers in America come to this country to work in the fields. During my years as a migrant farm worker, the vast majority of my co-workers did not have a green card, but did not face the kind of harassment they do today. America has relied on our southern neighbors to work in our fields and put food on our tables for quite some time. Most Americans will not and can not do this type of work. Many undocumented workers have lived in this country for years and have raised families here. Now with the crack down on "illegal aliens" they are faced with the threat of being deported and seperation from their families. Can you imagine what it would be like being dropped in a 3rd world country without money, friends or conections? This is what is happening to the people who have worked so hard, for so little, for so long that we might be fed. Our farm is frequently buzzed by low flying immigration aircraft. As farmers we are faced with stiff penalties if we are caught employing undocumented workers. I myself have spent time working in the fields of Mexico without papers. I firmly believe that NO ONE IS ILLEGAL.