The Garden and the Spinning Wheel

One of India's main tools in their non-violent struggle for independence was the spinning wheel. By making their own home-spun cloth, the people of India successfully boycotted their British rulers. Textile mills in Great Britan were forced to to shut down or lay off workers. It soon became obvious it was England who was dependent on India not the other way around. Through this and other forms of non-cooperation they liberated their county from forien rule without a shot being fired
In this same way, gardens are a tool we can use today in our fight for independence from corporate rule. By growing our own food we are in effect boycotting those who would gain control of us by controlling our food system.
Whether it be in a window box, a garden, or a farm which feeds others, it is each persons sacred duty to get their hands in the earth and grow food. This is the most revolutionary thing you can do in these times, and you don't even have to break the law. As far as I know, this is still legal in most places.
If we could, in great enough numbers, become self-sufficient in our food supply, we could break the chains of corporate domination.
We can futher boycot Monsato and others like them by buying those foods which we can do not grow our selfs from local, sustainable, and organic small farms.