Gunmen in the Night

Somewhere around 2002, I had a very unsettling experience. I began getting anonymous phone calls late on Sunday night. Words were ever spoken, but sometimes there was laughter or other sounds.

After a few of these calls I realized someone was trying to scare us. At first I thought it might be a gang from a near by town and half expected someone to show up here some night. We live a half mile away from our nearest neighbor, so I began to be alittle concerned. After 7 or 8 of these calls I began to get alot more worried and realized these were not amateurs doing this. This was a serious psychological game being played on us by someone who knew exactly what they were doing.
Then late one Sunday night gun shots were fired in front of the trailer where we slept. There was a least 2 or 3 shots fired very close to us. I called 911 while my wife got under the bed. The sheriff responded quickly with at least 3 patrol units.
After they arrived I went up on the canal road that borders our property to meet our assailants. I was told to go back to the house, but I insisted on seeing who these guys were and walked past the police to get a look at them. I was surprised to find two neatly groomed, middle aged men, dressed as hunters leaning against their vehicle. I was taken aback by their nonchalant air of unconcern. They seemed almost bored by their interactions with the law enforcement officers. I tried to tell the officer in charge about the calls leading up to this event, but I was not taken seriously.
After a few minuets, the men were released with no charges filed. I was told they were hunting raccoons.
During the almost 12 years we've lived here, we've never seen raccoon hunters before or after that night.
One more late night call came in the next weekend, and then the calls stopped.
My Mother also recieved a similar series of calls abit before this.
I may never know for sure who those men were, but this much I do know, someone was trying to scare us.