Local Fire Dept.

We now think that the unknown visitor referred to in our previous blog may have been the local fire dept. This is where my current  worries stem from. I didn't mean for this to be any kind of anti governmental blog when I began this. I simply wanted to write about those things that were keeping me up at night worrying. But government agencies are where most of my potential problems seem to arise.

Recently my neighbor showed me an order from the fire dept to remove brush and do other work on the property to bring it up to code or face increased fire dept. fees on my taxes. The notice was sent to him not to me. Since it was our property in the order I immediately began doing the work specified. Shortly thereafter, we got our annual land tax statement and there was a significant increase for the fire dept. I called the dept to ask about this and they took my number and said they would call back. An hour or two later two firemen showed up at my door. They crossed a locked gate and two no tresspassing signs of which they claimed they were unaware of because of a palm leaf. We had a few words about tresspassing and I then went to the station to show photos to prove the work had indeed been done. The chief said he would try to correct this with the county. But wanted to come on to the property to do an inspection. I told him that we do not allow others onto our property and suggested that he do his inspection from the road as they did in their original citation. He seemed to agree.  After three days passed and I hadn't heard from them,  I went back to follow up on the matter. They hadn't had time to do the inspection I was told, so I made sure they had my number & told them I would wait till I heard from them, that was about three weeks ago. There has been no word from the fire dept, until two days ago when an emergency vehicle pulled up to our gate with flashers fully engaged. The phone rang and they said they had gotten a 911 call from this location. There's not too many other people around us, so I don't how there could have been confusion and we certainly did not make a 911 call. It may be worth mentioning that on the front of their new emergency vehicle it says that they are funded in part by the USDA. Is there a connect between my letters to my congressman and senators (to which I have not yet gotten a response) , or my criticism of the USDA in this blog? I hope not. All I know is that access to my property is much in demand.