The Local Sheriff

After heavey rains last week the road to our farm was impassible. I put the dates we were shipping on the tractor and headed out to the road to meet the UPS truck. As I sat waiting at a pull off, well off the road , a sheriff went by, then did a U-turn and came back to begin asking me questions.

As far as I know I really wasn't doing any thing ileagal, so I told the officer in a friendly way that I would prefer not to answer any questions. He began looking at the packages, asking more questions and writing things in his little note pad. He then took my name and date of birth, checked me for warrents, and went on his way.
This might not seem like a big deal on the surface but there has been a pattern of harassment towards us by the sheriff here in our small town. I'm not sure why. Often times as we drive through town the patrol car will get right up on our bumper and follow us.
We are honest, hard working farmers. We pay our taxes, and are contibuting members of society. I don't feel I should have to fear our local law enforcement.
We will try to love these officers, as we do all our brothers and sisters on this planet.