The Purpose of this Blog

After many years of farming in a free and unfettered way, suddenly it seems all that has changed. I have a tremendous amount of pressure of late from agribusiness and governmental organizations. I would like to document here what we as small sustainable farmers are going through to try to stay in business in these times.      The food safety enhancement act, if passed into law will change everything. Linn Cohen-Cole is probably the most outspoken and politically correct voice on this issue. She calls it the literal enslavement of the American farmer.

     In the past 10 weeks I have had two visits from the Dept. of Food and Agriculture. Both times agents entered our farm acrossed a locked gate and passed a no trespassing signs. They said they were concerned about a bug thats been getting on the citrus trees here in Southern California. They wanted to place traps on lemon trees to look for the bug and then spay with chemicals if the insect is found.  I'm afraid I will simply have to pull out my 11 year old trees rather than let them spray. Their first visit ever to my farm coilncidentaly came two days after my talks at The Raw Spirit Festival in Santa Barbara where I  spoke out against the food safety bills.  
     I am embroiled in the midst of a water war. They want to take away the water rights (without compensasion) from farms  here in the Imperial Valley of Southern California, and divert much of it to the rapidly expanding residential areas of San Diego County, while allowing the rest to continue to flowing passed us to  over 150 golf courses, other urban sprall and farms further down stream in the Coachella Valley.
     The Regional Water Quality Board has set new regulations governing use of irrigation water they say due to environmental concerns. Farm Bureau has put its self between the farmers and the government on this issue and now wants me to sign over rights to enter my property to them.
      I have wonder if it is purely coincidental that all these things are happening at once.  Needless to say, I haven't been sleeping too well lately. It is the things that keep me awake at night at I intend to blog about.