An Unknown Visitor

     After another very intense session at the Border Patrol check point on Oct. 22, trying to stand up for my forth amendment right which is suppose  to protect us from unreasonable serches and seisures, I felt it was time to seek legal help, and I contacted the American Civil Liberties Union. They advised me that the first thing I should do is contact my Senators and Congressman to ask for their help. So I wrote to each of them explaining the situation. 

    The next morning a minute or two after I left the farm to pick dates at the other grove there was a very loud horn at the back gate. Then minuets later there was a hard knock on the door to the house. My wife Angela was in the office but did not go to see who it was because she was alone on the farm and feared for her safety. Then a while later another horn from the back gate, then silence.

      By a number of clues we have deducted that this was probably a Government agent of some kind who waited till I left then came through the back of the property, where there was not any gate or No Trespass signs. Time will tell what this will lead to.