I want to make it clear we are not the aggressors in this battle. We are simply defending our right to opperate a small farm in a natural way as our forefathers have done for thousands of years.
Our computer has been hacked into and the agrarianfreedom web site was attacked in an attempt to crash our sever. I had hoped to have an open forum and a place to comment about agrarian issues, but have had to turn this feature off to protect against further attacks.

The oppression of small organic farms began in full when the USDA's national organic standards took affect around 2002. This law made certification mandatory for all farms using the word organic in any way. Since organic certification fees are a minimum of around three thousand dollars annually, many small growers were forced to drop out and larger farms jumped in. This law also gave the government and private party certifiers the right to enter a certified organic farmer's property without a warrant.
Many small farms like ours simply stopped using the word organic and came up with other terminology to describe their method of growing to avoid these excessively burdensom regulations.
Now the so called "food safety enhancement act", S.510, intends to pile further draconian regulations and requirements on all remaining farms. The one size fits all approach for agribusiness and small farms alike, as presented in this bill, will once again prove too costly for many small farms.
When small farms are under attack so is the general populace. If small farms are eliminated, it is the average person who will ultimately pay the price of industrialized agriculture through loss of freedom, loss of diversity, less healthy food, higher prices, and a less secure food system.